About Us


Beyond Lost echoes the idea that we are OK with being lost in some aspects of our lives. We cannot know everything. We cannot process everything. We certainly can't keep up with everyone, ya know?  It's ok to be a bit messy in life too. We are all a little Lost, aren't we? We can be ok that certain aspects of our lives that are BEYOND LOST.  And that’s fine!  Own it! 

Each Volume we drop is inspired by expressive freedom, acceptance, openness, love and inclusivity. This powers the engine behind the brand.  Beyond Lost is designed in NYC and hand made in Asia in partnership with a small family-owned business who we love to support. ALL our products and services are ethically sourced. HAND MADE:  Each item is hand cut, sewn, and carefully decorated with high quality embroidery or rhinestones.  We ship your orders from Arkansas USA. Thank you for supporting independent fashion designers and brands :)